Synonymy: A Word Game Narrated by Richard Dawkins

Synonymy is my first game, made as a challenge to myself to create a meaningful work of art with no narrative components. Having an interest in the sciences from an early age, the writings of Richard Dawkins first cultivated my affection for words. It therefore felt natural to solicit his involvmenet in the project, and I am endebted to him for his support.

The greatest obstacle in making the game was assembling the synonym database, which you can see a 2D rendering of below:

Read more about the database here and see it fullscreen

Thanks should be given to Lewis Carroll and Vladimir Nabokov whose writings helped inspire the mechanics of the game. Read more about these works here

Celebrities Stephen Fry, Steven Pinker and David Crystal also deserve thanks for their kind endorsements of Synonymy, you can read more about these here.

Check out our Weekly Challenges page for more info on how you can join in the fun!

My name is Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis, thanks so much for stopping by!


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Synonymy - An Educational Word Game Narrated by Richard Dawkins. All profits from Synonymy got to Educational Charities, including the Richard Dawkins Foundation.
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