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I have spent the past year working on the English version of the game, and now it is my ambition to create a game that is accessible to ESL students and individuals looking to improve their proficiency at foreign languages as well as casual players looking for an entertaining experience that with any luck, can help the robustness of your vocabulary.

Not only will you be able to play the game in a different language, you will be able to switch languages mid-game, such that you could be given a starting word in Japanese, and then must get to an ending word in French or German. This forces players to view languages not in isolation of one another, but rather as a relational game mechanic.

This fundraising campaign is to help finance the inclusion of foreign languages in the game : Japanese, French, Chinese, Spanish, German and possibly more depending on the success of the campaign.

Putting together and refining the original english database, which was WordNet based but cross-referenced with almost 20 others, then stemmed, pruned and streamlined for verisimilitude, took nearly a year to compile and was extremely tedious. Tackling foreign repositories in order to do the same would require the recruitment of bi-lingual testers and programmers to help parse the large amounts of data, and then of course, to relate the databases to one another to make interplay possible.


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