Lexical Synonym Database

The database synonymy uses took more than a year to develop and uses WordNet as a base. It was then stemmed with a custom algorithm and pruned manually. Finally, using scrapers, the database was condensed for playability using scrapers to compare lexical groups with simpler forms.

Visualizing Synonymy's database was necessary to add dynamic sound. This was done by building a nodal network modeled according to 3D Yifan Hu algorithm. This can be best imagined as each word being a planet in a solar system, and every synonym relationship one word has to another is represented as a gravitional pull from that planet to the next. The 2D representation of that model can be seen here in fullscreen.

The 3D graph was then mapped on a cartesian plane and each planet was given a point, {x,y,z}. The relative distance between any one word and any other can be approximated by the vector between these two points. This strategy made it possible to algebraically compute almost instantaneously after a user selects a new keyword.

The database for Synonymy is available free at the request of any academic institution. Inquire at


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