Synonymy Updates

Synonymy 2.0

I'm thrilled to announce our first major update of Synonymy. We have improved the game in several ways, from culling the database to including 64 bit support. The desktop version has gotten the ability to play entirely from the keyboard, using the "u,i,j,k" keys to select the quadrant your word is in.

Weekly Challenges have now been seemlessly integrated so you and your friends can compete globally on chosen start and endwords.

New options to include email, copy reverse engineered passcodes at the end of a game, social media integration and a weekly challenge sync, have been added as well.

Perhaps the biggest change comes from the ability to now use the keyboard, or soft keyboard on mobile devices, to input passcodes and other data. This is on top of many other aesthetic and performance enhancements.


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Synonymy - An Educational Word Game Narrated by Richard Dawkins. All profits from Synonymy got to Educational Charities, including the Richard Dawkins Foundation.
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