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The Devil's Calculator is a new, non-profit and free to play math game by the creator of Synonymy that proves a challenging and educational indie puzzler for lovers of logic and brain teasers. The game features levels by some of the world's leading mathematicians including bestselling author and Guardian puzzle editor Alex Bellos, Grant Sanderson of the highly popular 3Blue1Brown YouTube channel, and Numberphile's James Grime. Read User Guide

Rather than the typical scenario of solving for x in an algebraic expression, imagine the operators themselves were unknown... In this challenging math game, an evil calculator has its normal arithmetic operators replaced with sadistically obscure functions. Using puzzle logic and a bit of algebra, you must work backwards to interpolate and use these corrupted operators to compute the 'number of the beast', 666, to purge the calculator of its demons and conquer mathematical puzzles. Read User Guide

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Non-profit and open-source, The Devil's Calculator is a highly original indie math game that's as addicting as it is educational. Accessible to numberphiles and math novices alike, the first 20+ levels are 100% free to play and enjoy, with free copies made available to educators and students. The project was named to the prestigious PAX10 best indie games of the year program for 2019 and was the focus of a talk at the Museum of Mathematics in New York City. It is lovingly dedicated to the late Martin Gardner.

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Each level has you decipher the function of a mysterious operator and use it to calculate the number of the beast, 666, to progress. Advanced graphing mechanics, countless features and simple, yet innovative level design provide considerable depth to the gameplay. Inspired by the likes of @numberphile and Martin Gardner, The Devil's Calculator proves an accessible, yet devilishly challenging puzzle math game. Featuring a level maker for players to program their own levels for the community, challenges can also be submitted for review by our team without the need for coding.

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Named one of the top 10 indie games of the 2019 by PAX, a fan favorite of GDWC and nominated by the TIGA gaming awards

Players unlock the ability to create their own levels and play challenges others have created - including free DLC levels crafted by the game's creators, educators and mathematicians. With hand drawn artwork and a charming story, the Devil's Calculator is the best Math Game of 2019 and a genuinely fun and gratifying puzzle experience. Read User Guide

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Even having lost our greatest Math Puzzle Designer, we can band together to create fun and educational math games.Here Is how.

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