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PolitiTruth A highlight of IndieCade's E3 showcase, PolitiTruth is a fake news quiz game that challenges players to distinguish political fact from fiction. Officially partnered with the Pulitzer Prize winning fact checking organization PolitiFact, our mission is to raise awareness in politics and to encourage players to better discern sources of information.
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Swipe left to guess a news story is false and swipe right to guess it is true. Guesses are anonymously saved online to show how your political awareness compares to other participants and to help identify the stories people get wrong most often. This political data can even be broken down demographically. Data on public misconceptions in politics are highly reliant on surveys and subject to hosts of biases including small sample sizes and the spotlight effect. PolitiTruth’s statistics would provide a beneficial augment to these analyses and help organizations like PolitiFact, political campaigns and journalists. The game and its data is made available open source and free.

How Gaming Can Save us from our Apathy

I teamed up with the Pulitzer Prize winning organization PolitiFact to make my latest non-profit game, PolitiTruth. Combatting fake news and lies in politics may not be sexy, but it’s more important than ever to fact-check sources and challenge your own preconceptions about the truth. A free fake news quiz game!

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