Trade Bots Technical Analysis Simulation Game

Trade Bots

A Stocks Trading & Crypto Simulation Learning Game with Technical Analysis

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Trade Bots is an educational stocks and crypto algorithmic trading simulation game featuring quantitative analysis. Buy or sell thousands of real, financial market assets based on wall street patterns and technical indicators. As the capital in your portfolio increases, unlock upgrades that help expedite and automate gameplay with custom-built AI and bots.

Learn Stock Trading Technical Analysis Concepts

Master the fundamentals of 20+ different investment indicators used by real-life traders and use them to build your own investment strategy for Stocks, ETFs and crypto all in an indie game package available on Steam and

In gamifying a process known as "backtesting" in economics, Trade Bots players test their trading strategies against real historic data, just like a quant! Progress through various challenges and quizzes to enhance the speed of simulation, increase margin equity and unlock even more advanced indicators.

Build Complex Investment Bots

Engineer sophisticated algorithms in a simple flow conditional or node based editor that accommodates practically any trading strategy imaginable while requiring no programming background.

Trade Bots Engineering

Genre Blending Educational Gaming

Blending mechanics from some "idle" and "roguelike" games into a simulation experience, progress is made by banking funds for future runs after you are margin called, and upgrades can enhance the speed of simulation, increase margin equity, unlock advanced indicators, and per its name, engage algorithmic, automation techniques.

  • Support for 20+ Technical Indicators
  • 100+ Unlockable Upgrades
  • Stock, Crypto & ETF Trading
  • 5,000+ Complete Historic Data for Stocks, Crypto & ETF
  • Elaborate Node-Based Bot Creation System
  • Train your own Neural Network AI to trade algorithmically
  • Import & Export Bots to Share With Community
  • Available on Steam and with Free Demo

Learn to Invest in Stocks or Crypto Like a Quant

Detailed tutorials and a thriving discord and steam community will support you on your bot trading journey, along with a detailed game guide. The game requires no programming or machine learning knoweldge whatsoever and is designed as a begginer friendly indie investing game with quantiative and technical tools for expert investors.

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Trade Bots Guide

Trade Bots is developed by Cinq-Mars Media, the non-profit known for the hit,The Devil's Calculator, included in PAX's 10 Best Indie Games of 2019. All proceeds from the sales of Trade Bots further the mission of Cinq-Mars Media 501(c)(3), a non-profit devoted to education through technology.

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