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Lazy Chess | Play Online Against Computer or Friends

Lazy Chess is a new indie game for iOS, Android and now Steam, made for the diffident chess enthusiast. Learn Chess while playing against stockfish or your friends. Fewer Moves. More Fun!

Lazy Chess for Casual Players and Enthusiasts

Created for casual players and enthusiasts alike, Lazy Chess has players, at worst, make the second best move available to them on a given turn. Choose from the two best moves selected by Stockfish, the most robust chess engine in the world. The catch? You don't know which move is the best!

For Casual Players and Enthusiasts

Learn New Skills

Learn new skills while you compete against a highly skilled AI, online friends and random opponents. Unlock new themes and settings that up the difficulty, and play challenges of famous board states provided from some of the world's most active grandmasters.

Make Intelligent Chess Decisions

Lazy Chess is an addicting chess game that narrows your choices down to the best 2 possible moves per turn. The moves provided can always win the game, but how strong are your decisions? Fewer moves. More fun. - Download On Steam

Be a Better Chess Player with an AI Teacher to learn strategies while playing oinline friends or the computer.

Educational Online Games and Puzzles

Be a Better Chess Player with an AI Teacher

If you are seeking an online Chess game app that is designed for fun, but more importantly to make you a better player, then you've found it! Those new to chess will learn creative moves and tactics, and those with experience can play with speed against a world-class neural network. Compete against an AI opponent, online with strangers or friends, or with the person next to you. When you are thinking about downloading something new from the online games or puzzles genre, be sure to check out this fun new spin on a classic game.

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Lazy Chess is a Free App - Game

Lazy Chess is open source and available on GitHub. It is made by Cinq-Mars Media, an educational non-profit with projects and games featured at E3, PAX and other festivals worldwide.

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View the Lazy Chess Guide of How To Play

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