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tHe deVil's cAlculAtoR

In the The Devil's Calculator, all normal arithmetic operators (addition, multipication, etc...) are replaced by a strange diamond symbol, "". This represents an evil mathematical operation, a function that does something unknown to its input, and it becomes more difficult and obscure each level.

◇ is adding one to the input
expressed ◇=f(x)=x+1

You objective is, through interpolation, to uncover the "◇" function and then work backwards to use it in calculating 666. Once the number 666 has been calculated using the ◇ key, the level is won.

As you progress, new mathematical operators are unlocked. There are three, in total. "◇" is a unary operator, (much like a square root), that takes in one input and returns a number. "ψ" is a binary operator, (like addition or division) that takes in two inputs and returns a number. Finally, "ф" is a unary operator that takes an a positive integer as its input, and returns the index of a mystery integer sequence. If "ф" represents prime numbers, 3ф=5 since 5 is the third prime. To conquer the game, you will need to use all three operators together to calculate 666.

◇=x*111 | ψ=x^y | ф=digit of pi
3 squared is 9, the 9th digit of pi is 6, 6*111=666

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