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Copy Editor RegEx (Regular Expressions Puzzle) Game

Copy Editor is an addicting puzzle game that teaches you Regular Expressions, commonly used in computer science and language theory.

Copy Editor Regular Expressions - Build Complex Rules

Build Complex Copy Editor Rules

Build complex rules that process and revise text for your wacky and demanding publishers, perpetually in turmoil over comical errors in a variety of old manuscripts that need to be reprinted.

Learn Valuable RegEx Skills

Like its spiritual predecessor, The Devil's Calculator, no familiarity with advanced or even intermediate concepts is assumed. Rudiments are learned through gentle tutorials, but the focus is always on tactics and lateral thinking. While you will no doubt learn valuable RegEx skills, it is primarily used a pretext for these sophisticated and rewarding logic puzzles.

Game mechanics permit such playful obstructions as:

  • Limited number of rules
  • Certain keyboard keys not working for particular levels
  • An embellishment of RegEx that extends to Natural Language Processing, allowing you to discriminate on criteria like sentiment analysis, stems and parts of speech

Copy Editor Optimization

Copy Editor Regular Expressions Optimization

With optimization after each level, you can review the rules required and characters needed, plus see how well you stack up to others in your performance histograms. A level creator allows you to pose your own challenges to the community, and you can attempt puzzles posted by other players. If you enjoy RegEx Golf, you may find Copy Editor to be a more elaborate puzzle and strategy game, involving text replacement as well as matching.

View the Copy Editor Guide (How To Play)

Copy Editor Guide

Copy Editor is free, non-profit and open source on GitHub. It is made by Cinq-Mars Media, an educational non-profit with projects and games featured at E3, PAX and other festivals worldwide.

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