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Chameleon Video Player is non-profit utility software that helps multitaskers reclaim their computer screen space on mac or windows and increase productivity.

Windows and Mac users can watch multimedia fullscreen, transparently atop their desktop with full control of the apps beneath. Supporting playback of video files (mkv,mov,mp4,avi) along with multiple streaming services including Twitch TV, YouTube, HBO Go, ABC, NBC, TBS, TNT, ESPN and many more* means Chameleon Video Player will increase your productivity and change viewing habits, whether you're a developer, tv show binger, steam gamer, or media multitasker.

Chameleon Player loads a playlist of selected video files or streaming website of your choosing** that displays in a fullscreen window over your desktop. By making this window semi-opaque and controllably transparent, your desktop is visible and fully interactable beneath. As Chameleon is a tray application, mouse and keyboard events can be passed on to all background programs on your computer while playing your favorite videos in the foreground. Perfect for multitasking while working, learning or gaming on steam.

All proceeds help our non-profit, Cinq-Mars Media, to continue its mission of educational research and technology. Originally devised as an educational tool to help busybodies aborb online classes while multitasking and practice learned concepts while watching lecutres, Chameleon can also function as an entertainment app.
Chameleon Video Player is a multitasking alternative to programs like Quicktime, VLC and Windows Media Player. While these and several other video players have a "float on top" feature, Chameleon floats fullscreen video on top of your desktop transparently and can do so with many popular streaming services including Twitch TV, Youtube, NBC, ABC, TBS, TNT, ESPN and many more*. Some features include:

Up Your MultiTasking Game: How I Built a Transparent Video Player App with Electron That Transformed the Way I Work

Like most other computer users my age, I'll binge my favorite shows or watch online class lectures all while writing code, checking email and browsing online. Now you can play your videos full screen AND have your full desktop at your disposal all at the same time.

Built with Electron JS Mac/Win Electron Desktop App
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* Note: Several supported services like HBO Go or ABC Live among others require paid subscriptions or cable subscriptions that we in no way provide. These are trademarked businesses with no affiliation to CMM or Chameleon.