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Anagraphs Guide - How To Play

View the Anagraphs Guide and learn how to play this new anagram finding word game with a twist.

Anagraphs Guide - How To Play


You will start at the Tutorial.

Drag letters to rearrange them to make new words. You can move a letter to the front of a word, end of a word, or between letters.

The special Anagraphs font allows some letters to be rotated to make new ones. For example, an m becomes a w, and an e becomes an a. Tap the a in ma to go from ma to me.

Start at the Tutorial

Each level has a designated number of words you will make, indicated in the top center. The words you have created are shown along the bottom. Note that some words may be uncommon, but they can all be found in a standard dictionary.

You are given a limited number of moves per level. You will see the number remaining in the top right. To rotate is one move, and to slide a letter to a new position is one move. You can slide a letter past more than one other letter in a move, but if you pause in doing so, that will be considered a separate action. Reverse your actions by tapping the arrow at the top left one or more times.

If you run out of moves, you will be prompted to use the "arrow" icon. You can either reverse your actions or hold the arrow to exit the level and choose another


Earning stars will allow you to move to higher levels.

The more efficient your moves, the more stars you earn. In this example, you have 12 moves in the puzzle and can earn up to two stars: The more efficient your moves, the more stars you earn.

When you have discovered all of the words in a level, a pop-up will show you the number of stars you received. You can Retry to see if you can solve it in fewer moves to earn more stars, or you can opt for Level Select.

If you don't have enough stars to unlock the next level, try the puzzle again. During the game, you will occasionally be offered additional ways to earn stars.

Open Play Mode

The Open Play Mode is unlocked when you have earned twenty stars.

You will see it as an icon on the Anagraphs home page.You will see it as an icon on the Anagraphs home page

In this version, you have an unlimited number of moves. Puzzles are randomly generated for you based on your past success in the levels, and you can skip puzzles. This mode will let you hone your Anagraphs skills but will not earn stars.

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