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Lazy Chess

Lazy Chess

Choose from the two best moves selected by Stockfish, the most robust chess engine in the world. The catch? You don't know which move is the best!

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Trade Bots

Trade Bots

A simulation game featuring technical+quantitative analysis and algorithmic trading. Build your own bots using AI to buy and sell stocks!

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Copyeditor Open-Source Software

Copy Editor

Copy Editor is an addicting puzzle game that teaches Regular Expressions, commonly used in computer science and language theory.

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The Devils Calculator

The Devil's Calculator

Named one of the PAX 10 best games of 2019 and part of GDC's prestigious experimental gameplay workshop, The Devil's Calculator is a sophisticated math puzzle game.

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Chameleon Video Player

Chameleon Player

Revolutionary utility software that improves productivity by allowing you to control your desktop while playing media transparently, fullscreen.

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Anagraphs - Educational Game


An anagram finding game with a twist! Using a special font where several letters are vertically symmetrical, the number of anagrams goes up exponentially.

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Synonymy Game


An educational word game narrated by Richard Dawkins in which players are challenged to find paths between random words through their network of synonyms.

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Simply take or upload any picture of a map, synchronize two points with satellite images, and see your live, updating location on your map image.

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PolitiTruth Game


A highlight of IndieCade's E3 showcase, PolitiTruth is a fake news quiz game that challenges players to distinguish political fact from fiction, sponsored by PolitiFact

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Word Unknown Game

Word Unknown

An intelligent mix of hangman and Mastermind®, Word Unknown exercises both lexical and deductive logic. Available free online or in app stores.

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typemymusic font

Type My Music

The best, free, music composing font on the web. Compose online or download and use in any text editor or desktop application.

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eye tracking

Eye Tracking Initiative

Participate in our machine learning initiative to understand how we read!

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The Magic Words
An experimental mystery 7 years in the making

True Synonymy in the English Language

Three years ago I became intrigued by what I would later come to find is a fairly common question. Even now, upon googling, I see a plethora of questions on the topic: is there such a thing as a "true synonym"?

How Gaming Can Save us from our Apathy

I teamed up with the Pulitzer Prize winning organization PolitiFact to make my latest non-profit game, PolitiTruth. Combatting fake news and lies in politics may not be sexy, but it's more important than ever to fact-check sources and challenge your own preconceptions about the truth.

Can Technical Analysis be validated by a stock simulation game?

Try building your own trading bots and download now as a steam game with a free demo.

Math Games and Logic Puzzles Can Survive Martin Gardner

Even having lost our greatest Math Puzzle Designer, we can band together to create fun and educational math games.Here Is how.